Secret Hideouts and Sketching Outer Space Oyster Mushrooms

I have a secret hideout. I’m going public with it. Feeling disconnected, distant I seek out strange, odd, and spatially vibrant vegetables. I go to the produce section.

Busy farmers markets, especially those serving diverse communities, are where I run to for the best art models. That’s where I like to spend an evening late in the week. The greatest variety of lines and forms all there among humans pinching, prodding and weighing them like alien abductors.

I started with the full bundle of oyster mushrooms, then cropping and finally inventing.

Some vegetables do seem otherworldly. Oyster mushrooms, a science fiction example of what extra terrestrials keep as apartment starter plants. Oyster mushrooms are another wonderful subject. When you look at them. Stare. Observe them closely. You see layers of lovely complex lines and shapes.

The greatest gift fruits and vegetables provide is their ability to inspire imaginative lines. They can be a starting point for something original from ourselves. Like the big dried up piece of horseradish in front of me. Waiting for every crooked groove to be closely observed. Coaxing to get lost in my next sketchbook page.