365 More Drawings to Go! Day 1 of 366 Project: Rubens

Day one of my 366 drawing project. I draw every day but I rarely post. This is as much about getting over myself, blogging and posting my drawings. This is my little, A6, version of Rubens Woman with Milk Churn on Her Head. A study he did in black chalk with red highlights. This sketchContinue reading “365 More Drawings to Go! Day 1 of 366 Project: Rubens”

Wet Gestures with Watercolor Crayons

I think I was introduced to watercolor crayons through Daniela Brambilla’s fantastic book Human Figure Drawing: Drawing Gestures, Postures and Movements. Influenced in large part by Kimon Nicolaides she encourages jumping into a wide range of materials when drawing. The watercolor crayon is a favorite of her’s as she recommends wetting a blunt tip andContinue reading “Wet Gestures with Watercolor Crayons”